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Mrs. Carolyn Pyatt

Subjects Taught: Fifth grade grammar, literature, and science; sixth grade grammar, literature, and science

I received my bachelors in English from Arcadia University in Glenside. While a student there, I became involved in the Writing Across the Curriculum program and helped to establish the Writing Center for students. This was a fabulous, innovative program at that time and it was exciting to work with faculty and students in all disciplines on the creativity and challenge of the writing process.

I worked for about 15 years in the Admissions Office at Arcadia where I interviewed students, reviewed applications, and worked with families engaged in the college admissions process. After I left, I enjoyed about 7 years of work as a freelance writer where I worked on educational/recruitment magazines.

I became a volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten Spanish class at St. John the Baptist. I loved exploring the Latino culture and seeing the children learn the language.

I found a real home in the fifth grade classroom. I have been blessed to teach the children of our school, and I am excited to help each child grow personally, academically, and spiritually. I love being involved with our students as they explore the arts through work with the play. I enjoy interacting with students on Student Council. Student Council members realize the immense impact they can have on others by giving service to others and being the heart and hands of Jesus by doing His work.

I enjoy reading historical fiction, watching old movies, hanging out with my family and fuzzy old dog, Buster. I love seeing my daughter grow as an artist, a young teacher, and as a woman. I am the world's worst baker (just ask my family) but it has made me an aficiando of others' culinary gifts.