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Mrs. Andrea Leroy

Although Mrs. Leroy has been drawn to the front of the classroom for most of her life, it took her many years to find her way into an elementary school classroom. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master of Science degree in training and organization development from Saint Joseph’s University, and a Master of Arts degree in elementary education from the University of Phoenix. Before discerning her call to teach at the elementary level, she worked as an environmental engineer, a learning professional in a Fortune 500 company, and a management consultant. Her teaching experience includes 15 years teaching adults, a year teaching advanced eighth grade math here at the Academy, and 4 years teaching fourth grade.

She is grateful that the Holy Spirit led her to this classical Catholic academy community, where she can openly share her faith with everyone she encounters. Knowing that she and her students journey closer to Heaven each day brings her immense joy.