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Renee Phillips

We believe that our daughter, Veronica, received the perfect mix of theology, spirituality and academics. We would not find this in a public school, and we did not find it in previous parochial schools she attended.

The Academy excels at providing an environment of authentic Roman Catholicism, academic rigor, personalized attention, and a community of teachers and staff that genuinely care about each child. The partnership with parents was appreciated so much by us.

Thank you for teaching Veronica the scholastic fundamentals while opening doors of curiosity for her. Thank you for nurturing her in the faith while guiding her formation into a well-adjusted and confident young Catholic. Thank you for caring for her whole person while calling out the behavior that needed correction. We are so grateful for all of that. We have enjoyed Veronica's time at Regina Academy and take so many nice memories with us as we head into the next chapter.