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Why The Academy

When knowing, loving and serving God becomes integrated with the pursuit of knowledge, a student is launched on a life-long journey for truth and beauty.

Education becomes not only the accumulation of facts and data, but also the ability to use the information to discern what is true, right and lasting. Faith and reason combine to propel our students to see the "why" of existence and knowledge, not just the "what."

Our students are prepared with a sense of purpose and direction that is founded on the truths of the Catholic Faith. The teachings of the Catholic Faith provide the rudder as our students begin to navigate the sometimes turbulent water of life.

Life choices are made based on religious and moral truths. Choices guided by our Catholic Faith lead students to develop into virtuous people. People who have formed the firm and habitual disposition to do good.

Living a virtuous life is the action that results in the consequence of being blessed with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. This is the goal we have for all of our graduates. This is the outcome that God promises us when we dedicate our life to knowing, loving and serving him.

Clothed with these Fruits of the Holy Spirit, our graduates are prepared intellectually, morally, and spiritually to go into their communities as virtuous leaders who will stand up to cultural pressures and transform society in the image of God.

The Academy Difference

  1. Catholic Faith
  2. Classical Curriculum
  3. Academic Excellence
  4. Small Class Size
  5. Like Minded Families With Shared Values
  6. Teachers Who Love Each Child As God's Creation
At The Academy children are identified by their only true identity—as children of God infused with the Holy Spirit and, as such, nurtured to become the Eagles that God created them to be.