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Knowing, Loving, Serving Annual Appeal


Our Mission

Our mission and dedication to leading children and their families to know, love, and serve the Lord is stronger and more necessary now than ever. It’s a mission filled with hope and joy. Our students are taught what is true, good, and beautiful and that we are here to live a life of meaning and purpose followed by eternal joy in Heaven.

Why Donate

The Roman Catholic faith is on a decline in American culture. In fact, only 7% of millennials who were raised Catholic still practice their faith. Public educational systems are failing our children and Catholic schools all over the country are closing. As a result, American culture is in a state of despair.

The Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist is the antidote to these troubling societal trends. Through our joy-filled authentic Catholic community, Catholic classical curriculum, and protective and nurturing environment, children are led to better know, love, and serve God and each other. Because of this, they learn their life has a unique meaning and purpose followed by eternal joy in heaven.

Our students graduate firm in their faith, with the spiritual and intellectual tools to stand up to the pressures of society and lead successful, purpose driven lives infused with the Holy Spirit. Graduates of The Academy truly are the future of our Church and society.

In today's current climate, never has there been a better time to be part of the mission of the Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist.

Our Knowing, Loving, Serving Annual Appeal is the most significant source of fundraising for our school. Because tuition only covers half of our operating costs, we need the financial support of our entire community to carry our mission forward